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Integrated Dance Curriculum This curriculum unit from the Kennedy Center ArtsEdge focuses on dance as connected to concepts and constructs in other disciplines. Lesson plans are provided for each grade level, K No Dance Curriculum Guide This curriculum guide from Saskatchewan Education includes activities, lessons, and background information. Saskatchewan Education Intended Audience: No Schemes of Work: Dance Activities You will find a collection of dance activities at this site from the Standards Site in Great Britain.

Select Subject List from the left side of the page for a full listing of activities and units of study. Dance activities are listed under PE. You will find suggested strategies for instruction and assessment as well as suggested resources. Poetry in Motion In this Webquest students select a poem and create a dance, that uses the three elements of dance - space, time and force. Denee Bannister Intended Audience: Dance Lesson Plans Collection of 11 lesson plans for grades Preschool developed by a former public school dance teacher.

Angela Weber Intended Audience: Utah Education Network Intended Audience: Ballet and Classical Music Students are introduced to the conceptual and practical elements of classical ballet as they learn ballet history, vocabulary, and steps.

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CanTeach Dance Lessons You will find a collection of dance lesson plans for grades K-4 at this site from this lesson plan site from Canada. The Dance of the Butterfly In this lesson, students will create an original dance that communicates the stages of the life cycle of the monarch butterfly. Exploring Hula Dance In this lesson, students will learn about the history of hula, the gestures and movements of hula, and the meaning of this Hawaiian dance.

Jazz Music, Dance, and Poetry In this lesson, students will be introduced to jazz dance and jazz music. They will explore basic jazz dance movements, and will create a cinquain poem inspired by jazz music. Making a Dance Involving Balance Students make a dance that includes several balancing positions.

Exploring Balinese Culture In this lesson, students will learn about the country of Bali and the story of Ramayana and research varied aspects of the sounds, costumes, and images of the Monkey Dance. Musical Harlem Students will learn to identify musical styles and musicians associated with Harlem, focusing on jazz.

Bharatanatyam lesson plan for grades

The Basics of Square Dancing This lesson will introduce students to the history of square dancing as well as provide an opportunity to learn some basic steps and formations. Telling a Story through Dance This lesson uses The Nutcracker to introduce the concept of telling a story through dance and pantomime. Exploring Irish Dance Students listen to Irish music, learn about ceilis, view the intricate costumes worn by Irish dancers, and listen to an Irish poem. Contrasting Emotions Groups collaborate to create a movement study based on two contrasting emotions.

Elements of Ballet - Grades How many ways can a person move? Students will explore and discover the elements of dance by demonstrating various simple movements.

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Fancy Fencing Stage-fighting, and especially sword-fighting, is important to the plot of many Shakespearean plays. In theatre, fights are based on precise choreography. Interpreting Mythology Through Dance - Grades In this lesson, students learn about the mythological hour journey of the sun god Re. Working individually and in groups, the students choreograph a movement that represents one of the hours in Re's journey.

The Language of Ballet Students learn basic ballet vocabulary and associate it with the actual physical movement. Living Pictures Representing The History Of Black Dance - Grades In this unit, students study the history of black dance through paintings, books, photography, and poetry. Along with the dance vocabulary, dancers write out the Bible verse for our team devotion. After dancers write out the verse, we do a Bible verse activity.

For example, one of our team devotions consists of dancers putting the verses together by stacking cups. I taped the words of the verse on cups and placed them on one side of the room. In order to retrieve the cups, dancers had to do tendus vocabulary they wrote in journals across the floor to the cups, grab 2 cups, and then run back to the group. Dancers did not have the Bible verse with them on the side they were stacking the cups.

The had to look at the verse when they picked up their cups on the other side of the room. This obligated dancers to work together to out the verse in the correct order. After this activity, we broke down the verse and explained how it applies to us personally and how it applies to the team. This section of my lesson plan usually takes minutes.

In this section, I note what type of stretches I want to focus on, isolations, and conditioning exercises.

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My dancers like to do stations, so I try to incorporate stations in this area of the lesson. This area is to help focus on exercises that you may do as a group in the center floor. Exercises like jumps, pirouettes, tap combinations, etc. Movement across the floor is one of my favorites.

Dance Lesson Plan Grades 6-12 STORYTELLING THROUGH M

Here, I focus on different skills that will take the students across the floor, such as battement combinations, jetes, chaine turns, kick ball change combinations, etc. I like to start with the basic skills as review and then build to the next skill I want dancers to master. These combinations are later implemented in the choreography that is taught in the next section.

Probably the favorite time of class for your dancers and even yourself. In the choreography section of the lesson plan, I highlight what I want to do with the choreography. Sometimes I want to focus on a certain section of the choreography to clean the movement or sometimes I want to work on formations and transitions.

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Refer to my Choreography sketches if you need a template to write out your choreography. The end of class. If I have a specific cool down routine, I will note it here. This space is great to write down prayer request from your dancers. But, with my dance group, this space I use to remind myself to have the students write out their prayer request on a slip of paper and exchange them with the other dancers.