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Jews, lapsed Jews, and their spouses and friends will surely learn a thing or ten while devouring this addictively readable mix of practical information, fun facts and figures, and amusing trivia. Including information on key figures from Saul to Seinfeld, a lesson in proper Jew-fro care, and a basic guide to all those second-tier holidays no one ever celebrates, this engaging compendium is perfect for gifting or for simply learning more while being thoroughly entertained.

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The First Moments of Hitler’s Final Solution

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36 Questions About the Holocaust - Simon Wiesenthal Center Multimedia Learning Center

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When Hitler solidified his plan to exterminate Jews – and why it matters 75 years later

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Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Emily Stone is truly gifted with the written word. The humor is intelligent, original, surprising, and keeps you turning pages or swiping my finger across the kindle as it were. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in understanding the Jews in their life or their own Jewish identity in the world. The book thoughtfully gives voice to the diversity of the present Jewish diaspora while celebrating the vitality, significance, and spiritual value of tradition, scholarship, and history.

The history of the Jewish people is a bit glossed over in favor of the history of traditions, terms, and the fascinating look into how certain professions were mastered due to being barred from owning land, attending colleges, and other social exclusions. The book is humorous, which makes it a much lighter read, but I never realized the enormous impact the Jews have had on the U.

From banking, to the entertainment industry, to comedy and TV, to ubiquitous street vendors in NY city. Pretty amazing for people who comprise only. For anyone who wants a full history of this country, reading about the influence of the Jewish immigrants is eye opening.

I also enjoyed the inclusion of Yiddish phrases. This book has made me understand my Jewish heritage better and appreciate it more. Did Jew Know that being Jewish is a rich thing to be, and that there is SO much to be learned about this existence that goes beyond whatever you grew up thinking you knew. A slightly irreverent, very educational look at many different aspects about the history and diversity of Jews around the world. Many things are discussed that one would have difficulty finding anywhere else, or have explained in as easily understandable manner.

I enjoyed reading about many things I thought I already knew, but didn't really; and being exposed to things I knew nothing about. I would recomment this to both someone who is Jewish, and anyone else who is curious about this strange and unique collection of people. Not everyone is a comic -- nor should be. At first, the funny-side look at history is funny, but the tone ground me down.

Serious subjects like massacres and slavery and the Holocaust reduced to a few acerbic lines made me want to run to actual history texts. It is not a bad thing to do, presenting years of experience, change, thought andthe actors involved in a rush and will introduce an uninformed audience , but maybe, the talented author can supy that in a later, more serious review. Entertaining book on Jewish culture. It tackles some heavier subjects, but never loses its sense of irreverent humor. There are some moments which do get a little too Mel Brooks-style humor, but I found it enjoyable.

Lots of stuff I didn't already know, and lots of stuff I did. A compact guide to Jewish history and observance, together with Jewish contributions to entertainment, literature, and many other realms. There is adequate discussion of surface differences between different strains of American Judaism, but virtually nothing related to deep spirituality. With the latter exception, coverage is quite amazing, especially given the book's relative brevity, and the information provided appears to be trustworthy.

Most sections are fun to read. I didn't mind the light, sometimes irreverent, style, but I found the stylistic tic illustrated in the title grating. There is no reliable evidence that German soldiers or police officials were killed for refusing to kill civilians. Non-Germans serving as auxiliaries and refusing to carry out direct orders to kill could be subject to discipline, dismissal, imprisonment, or even death. There is no reliable evidence, however, to suggest that the unknown grandfather was Jewish.

Early Years, — to learn more. The Nazis falsely considered the Jews to be a race.

Common Questions about the Holocaust

Nazi antisemitism linked traditional negative and false images of Jews and their behavior with modern pseudo-scientific beliefs. Among these stereotypes were those derived from centuries-old Christian anti-Jewish thinking, which incorrectly presented Jews as murderers of Christ, agents of the devil, and practitioners of witchcraft. The Nazis used this belief to justify the discrimination, persecution, and, eventually, physical murder of Jewish people.

Start with the overview of Antisemitism , and then read the related articles on antisemitism through the centuries. Despite a history of providing sanctuary to persecuted peoples, the United States grappled with many issues during the s that made living up to this legacy difficult. These issues included widespread antisemitism, xenophobia, isolationism, and a sustained economic depression.

Unfortunately for those fleeing Nazi persecution, such issues greatly impacted US refugee policy, reinforcing an official and popular unwillingness to expand immigration quotas to admit greater numbers of people endangered by Nazi persecution and aggression at a time when doing so might have saved lives. Over the years, scholarly investigation into US responses in the era of the Holocaust has raised a number of questions, such as: What did the United States know?

What did government officials and civilians do with this knowledge? Could more have been done? Scholars have examined US immigration policy, the reactions of the US government to reported atrocities, and sluggish efforts to organize operations aimed at rescuing European Jews. Debates have sparked over key events, including the voyage of the St. Louis , the establishment of the War Refugee Board, the role of the American Jewish community, US media coverage of Nazi crimes and violence, and the contentious question of bombing Auschwitz.

The topic continues to evolve with the introduction of new documentation and revised hypotheses. Start with the overview of The United States and the Holocaust. Join us right now to watch a live interview with a survivor, followed by a question-and-answer session. Was Hitler solely responsible for the Holocaust? Why didn't Jews leave when the Nazis came to power? How did the perpetrators know who was Jewish? What happened if you disobeyed an order to participate in an atrocity?