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Chang, I'm afraid I've some bad news" she says.

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Santana feels Mike tense up beside and squeeze's his hand. Santana could see in her eyes she was used to this. Mike opens the door to walk into school but he is met with an ice cold slushy facial. The ice cold startles Mike and the slushy have temporarily temporarily blinds him. He hears Amizo laugh, followed by Santana screaming in Spanish, an insult from Puck and an audilable slap most likely from Santana.

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Mike flicks off some of the ice in his eyes but his vision is still fuzzy. My dad is gone again, why should I be bothered about it?

I just didn't need that slushy into the face, hate brainfreeze so early in the morning" Mike says sliding off the sink's countertop. Wade says returning to the front of the room. The bell rings for lunch and not a moment too soon for Mike who just wants to get out of the class, usually he loves History but today it bored him to great lengths. Wade calls over the noise of the other students rushing to get out. Puck chooses to remain behind curious to hear what's going on, he slowly puts his stuff away.

Wade watched as Mike left her classroom, she knew something was wrong with her best student, but until he said something, she couldn't do anything. She saw that Puck was still in the classroom. Mike turns around to Santana before holding up his hand to silence her. Just let me go and eat" Mike says walking away from a worried Santana. Puck walks up to Santana. Puck, Santana and Mike mentally wince, Rachel and Kurt are already talking about which song their going to sing, Brittany is staring into space, the rest of the Glee Clubber's begin to sort out their own song.

Then everyone's thoughts are disrupted when Coach Slyvester storms into the room. Sue and Will continued their shouting match with each other while the others called Mike to get gossip, others to congratulate Mike on whatever he did, but Santana and Puck just stared over at him.

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Sadness and worry etched into their face's. Mike is unable to take all the noise around and jumps from his seat. He sprints past Will and Sue getting her attention. Mike freeze's where he stands, a crowd starts to gather around the scene that beginning to play. Something inside Mike snaps, he feel's the anger bubbles to the surface ready to blow.

Jacob makes a comment about Mike using the Cheerio's Megaphone. Mike unleashes his anger at Jacob, he kicks the megaphone out of Jacob's hand and smashes it to pieces.

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Sue fore once is at a loss of words. The silence and tension builds in the hallways. More people join the scene. Azimo and Karofsky silenty joke about whatever happened to Mike while Mrs.

Wade looks on solemly, she knew something was wrong with her student, if only he said something earlier, this could've all been avoided. Santana watches on from the door of the Glee Club, tears beginning to form as she watches her friend break down in front of him. You don't even know what I'm going through!

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I've only just lost Matt! And now my father does something stupid and abandons me yet again! And all this shit here at this school too, it's too fucking much! I'm losing my mind here" Mike screams struggling to get out of Pucks tight grip.

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Everyone stares at Mike in shock and pity. For once Azmio and Karofsky were quiet. Soon, the tears that were long built up, back when Mike lost his grandfather, from back when his mother miscarried, from back when he lost the loves of his life Matt and Tina and now from the possibility from losing his mother and already losing his father, again. He releases the tears for the first time in years. They flow freely down the side of his face for everyone to see, yet no one says anything but Puck and Santana who whisper sweet nothings to the broken boy.

Mike's knee's buckle underneath him and he falls to the ground still sobbing into Puck's shoulder, the rest of the Glee Club girls and Kurt are also in tears at the shocking revelation. The school bell had long since rang before Coach Slyvester shouts for everyone to get back to class. Will whispers to Puck and Santana to bring Mike to Ms. Pillsbury's office while everyone leaves to go to class with the memory of the Asian Dancer breaking down etched into their minds. Tina sits at the back of the class, she completely blanks out the lesson her mind is focused on Mike, her once a upon a time lover, until she found out about Matt, needless to say she wasn't happy about it for a few days, but Tina loved Mike and if you love someone, set them free.

Tina made a mental note to shoot the person who said that. She couldn't stay too mad at Mike too long though, when they were dating, Mike was always so sweet and kind to her, he even thought her how to fight, which is why she is going to break Azimo's nose for that "Mike is a weak pussy" comment she just overheard after school and she'll have backup too. Will, Emma and Sue spoke in hushed tones around Emma's desk, they were talking about what has happened with Mike after Santana filled them in on what exactly occurred two nights previously and his current mental state of mind, which right now wasn't at one hundred percent.

Puck and Santana were seated on the sofa whilst Mike, still silently crying, clung onto Puck, holding on for dear life, he didn't want to be alone right now, not after everything that just happened. Puck wrapped his arm around Mike again and gave him a reassuring squeeze. Songwriting , Piano , Harmonica , Guitar. Jasper Steverlinck Broken dancer. Submitted by delamare at Sat 23 Dec, 6: All lyrics and other info from this band may be published on our site.

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