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How you will prepare a strong campaign?

Then, prepare the best schedule for the campaign and speak in front of students smoothly and try to get familiar with each one of them. Emphasise on students' query and try to impress them. Answer properly to whatever questions been communicated by students. When you are going to write manifesto essay first introduce yourself and address to whom and for what reason or position you are writing and clearly mention your qualities and abilities of that position and the benefits they will get from your skill.

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Mention what kind of support you want from them. The manifesto is a statement to share your intentions, opinions and vision. There are no hard and fast rules to write a manifesto.

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You can write whatever you want to write but, your primary goal should be to create excitement among readers. You can start with the following statement:. If you are thinking that you have leadership quality and you want to make changes in your college then, you can go for the student council president election. You have to maintain good relation with your friends and you need to be popular in the college. As a result, it will be easy for you to become student council president successfully. To get this position you have to organise events, sports and more.

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  • For that, you have to understand all the rules and regulations to process the events and you need to participate in every function and sports related activities. This will allow you to gain experience.

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    • Utilise your leadership quality and try to help others and motivate them to make changes in the college. Try to understand what other students want and need, and remember all the things students told you. Create a clear vision on the mind of the students, spread your slogan with the posters, speech, and across social media.

      Prepare a solid speech and deliver it in front of student and state what you would like to change. This may motivate students to select you as a president. You need to craft an excellent and innovative speech that motivates your classmates and other students to vote for you.

      How to write a manifesto for student election in Ghana

      Following are the instructions to prepare a manifesto for speech presentation. If you want to be a school prefect then remember you need to help both the faculty and the students at your school. You have to maintain a positive attitude towards students as well as teachers. Try to be different from others and fulfill all the responsibilities assigned to a prefect.

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      Be respectful and have acceptable behaviour. As a result, students will think positively of you. Prefect should be honest and follow the rules and regulation of the school and maintain good attendance record. Try to be friendly with students and definitely be a good listener which shall make students feel that they can share their problems with you easily. Another important thing is that; treat all students fairly and equally which is a sign of becoming a good prefect.

      Student Experience Manifesto

      Social change is as simple as effecting one small aspect of our human society. I believe social change need not be radical, political transformation or protests against a repressive establishment.

      Student Manifesto 1

      It can be as simple as invoking a one-word question or phrase in a person's mind: I believe inspiring these small thoughts should be the goal of social change as well as the goal of art. Art, as feeling, exists in the purgatorial balance between control and lack thereof. I believe the feeling of art should only be controlled in order to create a visual, physical, or aural representation of itself. Only then, when our society can relate to art as a form and forum for emotion, do we truly achieve artistic success and social change. I call to every member of our society to contribute to artistic creation because we are a community of feeling beings.

      Thus, because we feel, we are artists. Even if our contribution is only one small drawing, poem, or pattern, we have the ability to spark a question or phrase in someone else's mind.

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      With art, we create a thinking world. I believe that creating a cohesive, vibrant community that unites both the young and the old is important to nurturing the growth of individuals.

      Activists hope anti-gun movement tackles violence in poor communities too

      I believe that community artworks are the anchors of this community, creating and maintaining this sense of community. Therefore, I believe that works of art, visual and otherwise, should be created and supported by members of a community as important reminders and symbols of cohesive community. I believe that every child has potential.