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She evolves from being a total bubblehead at the beginning of the book to being calculating and shrewd at the end; what starts off as a revenge trip to stick it to Julien for changing her against her will goes awry when, unsurprisingly, she falls for him. Neither of them will admit it, though, and the second half of the book is a whole lot of wandering and meandering and loathing and ruminating and not a whole lot of plot developing.

Julien and Jeannette find their way, and they find a lifestyle they both can live with, but I wish we'd gotten to that point a lot sooner.


There were also a lot, and I mean, a lot, of typographical errors and formatting mistakes. I realize that this is not always in one person's control, but it definitely detracted from my reading experience and was frequent enough to be very noticeable. There are certainly some exciting and redeeming parts of this story, and as I read I was anxious to find out how it all worked out, but even after writing this review, I cound myself as indecisive still. C Check out more reviews at What Book is That?

Nancy Kilpatrick

Jan 24, Kelly rated it liked it Shelves: What started out as detachment and boredom quickly took off to wrap me up once more in that bloody grasp we all fear and secretly hunger for. Which reminds me, Sorry Kiddies, this material is bubble wrapped PG There is no requirement to read the three preceding books in her vampire series to understand this one; for that I whispered a prayer of thanks. With a plot full of passion and violence, the story weaves the old and the new seductively. The pace in the book crawls along until chapter seven, then suddenly takes off.

The book needed more speed in those first few chapters, I started this book three times and put it away twice until finally surrendering. The atmosphere comes across as a drug-induced haze filled with atonement and a dramatic ecstasy. The style of writing was overly elaborate, weighing you down with too many descriptions and removable history.

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On the other hand, Kilpatrick has a flare for the theatrics, adding an elevated tone to the story; I loved it. The characters were the highlight of the book with a cast that resonates.

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Each with their own problems, regrets and personality, they lure you into their journey. Even though this book was a fun read for a guilty pleasure, I wouldn't go out of my way to aquire the previous volumes.

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Jul 15, Mathieu Fortin rated it really liked it. La Passion du Sang Ce tome est celui de Julien. Il la transforme en vampire, mais sans lui expliquer ce que cela implique.

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Ma la passione esplode, travolge le loro esistenze e sgretola ogni certezza. Quarto volume della serie Il potere del sangue. Ricco di passione sfrenata e di violenza, abbonda di intrighi e vendette, sesso e potere. Racconta della vita di Julienne accanto agli umani dopo la trasformazione,la sua determinazione a vivere lontano da Julian in giro per il mondo. Un finale shock che ci permette di comprendere quale effettivamente sia la natura dei vampiri e la loro effettiva dannazione.

Il libro precedente era stato esasperatamente lento; questo, troppo veloce. Julien e Jeanette non mi hanno entusiasmato per niente, anzi: E vogliamo parlare della scena finale?! Inspie Il libro precedente era stato esasperatamente lento; questo, troppo veloce.

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Aug 28, Christine Steendam rated it liked it. Was a good book, but out of the four in the series I'd say it was the worst of the lot. Still a good read but lacked the excitement and flow of the other three. If you like Nancy Kilpatrick's stuff or just enjoy Vampires and are looking for something darker and more adult than Twilight I'd still recommend this book in a second. Melissa rated it really liked it Jul 14, Kilara rated it it was amazing Sep 22, Sara rated it really liked it Dec 27, Gary Vincent rated it really liked it Nov 16, Michelle rated it really liked it Sep 03, Asahi88 rated it really liked it Aug 15, Christie Sott rated it it was amazing Aug 13, Dominick Loiselle rated it really liked it Apr 27, Camille Petit rated it it was ok Jun 06, Francesca rated it liked it Jan 01, Liz rated it really liked it Nov 14, Kristina rated it it was ok Jan 01, Claudia rated it liked it Jun 02, She wiles away her copious free time partying.

It is London, England in the s. The post-war world has gone wild and high-drama is the norm. Bloodlover is the 4th novel in the Power of the Blood world Julien de Villier has been a vampire for close to six centuries.

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  6. Jeanette has plenty of melodramatic fantasies and Julien is only too happy to act them out as part of his master plan to make her undead. But Jeanette might not be the victim she appears to be, and Julien could have more than a clever rebel on his hands; Jeanette may be an enemy! Power of the Blood World , Book 4 Category: Power of the Blood World. Also by This Author.