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Timeless design and modern amenities in a John Calvin Stevens home. By Mary Pols Staff Writer. Michael Koryta poses for a photo in a parking garage in Portland's Monument Square. His latest book, "How it Happened," revolves around two missing bodies, the opioid epidemic in a coastal Maine town and a relentless FBI agent. Staff photo by Ben McCanna. Read or Post Comments. Want the news vital to Maine? Our daily headlines email is delivered each morning. I understand the Terms of Service. Browse more in Lifestyle. Engineer Matt Erridge, incognito, has arrived in Maine to scout out possible sites for electric power plants.

Soon he is wanted for murder of a prominent local citizen. A Nose for It Matt Erridge mystery in Maine. The Old Squire books are appropriate for young adults, although adults may also enjoy them. Waugh and Eric-Jon Waugh: A collection of 36 tales that transcend time about six young children orphaned by the Civil War who come to live with their grandparents in rural Maine. These stories were originally published in the late s and early 's in the children's magazine The Youth's Companion. Charles Waugh and Larry S.

Stories of life in rural Maine following the Civil War. Hardboiled mystery novel about a fatal love triangle set in at a Maine fish camp. The Folks from Greeley's Mill: A flirtatious veterinarian with shoulders too slippery for burdens; a young woman able to outwork any man on the harvest fields; a toilet cleaner proud of his earthy occupation; a small boy's bewildered first steps toward understanding sexual matters. These are some of the folks from Greeley's Mill, time-lifted from the s. Sequel to Torchlight Defense satellite Bright Star can wipe out the enemy in one megablow while also creating a defensive nuclear shield.

But before it's launched into orbit, the nuclear stealth submarine Trident is hijacked by terrorists. While the shuttle Atlantis bears Bright Star miles aloft, a massive computer failure shuts down the Johnson and Kennedy Space Centers and Atlantis sinks into the ocean 50 miles off Bristol, Maine, not far from the missing Trident.

Meg Hazard is trying to keep her family's bed-and-breakfast in Bar Harbor, Maine, afloat but finds herself caught up in the mystery surrounding the Great Fire of and her grandmother's death. A Story of the Coast of Maine The rural tranquillity of the lonely, pine-girthed shores of the Maine coast is the setting for this novel of conflicting aspirations.

A young girl struggles to belong and fit in, in the face of adversity, and of her upbringing among strong women, grumpy fishermen, annoying gossips, sea captains, and the dreamlike, temptestuous landscape of Orr's Island. Mystery featuring New York photojournalist Barney Gantt. He's recovering from a coma at a fictional downeast Maine island Sowback Island when a single letter is stolen from a mailbag, precipitating a slew of bodies piling up in a case that involves rum-runners and a lighthouse.

Genealogy, genetics and keen detective work mesh in this novel set on isolated Fogge Island off the Maine coast. Thirteen linked short stories about coastal Mainers 'living lives of quiet grief intermingled with flashes of human connection. Abide With Me In a small Maine town in the late s, a minister struggles to regain his family and his happiness after his wife's death. Author born in Portland.

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After years of living dangerously, Matthew Connelly returned to Muscatoon Island. The tiny patch of land off the rocky coast of Maine was the perfect spot for his enforced solitary confinement. He wanted privacy, peace and quiet; what he got was Jeannie MacPherson, the do-good girl next door. Young woman goes to Maine searching for her birthright. After growing up on fictional Crab Island, Maine, Miranda is sent to Manhattan to live with friends from her father's past. Brady Coyne is a Boston lawyer who likes to fish.

A Brady Coyne Mystery. Boston lawyer detective Brady Coyne makes a fishing trip to Maine only to uncover murder at a resort located on an old Indian burial ground.

Maine Clambake Mysteries

A Brady Coyne Novel While visiting friend and lover Alexandria Shaw, who is living in the bucolic southwestern Maine town of Garrison while she writes a book, Boston lawyer Brady Coyne meets Charlotte Gillespie, a middle-aged African-American woman. Charlotte's dog is poisoned, swastikas are painted on her property, and Charlotte herself disappears without a trace after leaving a letter for Coyne asking for his help.

Coyne is contacted by the uncle he hasn't seen in decades, a Maine fisherman who is dying of cancer and wants to mend fences with his estranged daughter, who has disappeared. Stonewall Jackson Calhoun Stoney is an amnesiac with a gift for angling and an ability to read French, now running a bait shop and acting as a fishing guide in Portland, Maine.

Calhoun settles in Maine and takes up life as a fishing guide. But when someone close to him is murdered, he suspects that he himself was the intended target. Working as a guide on Casco Bay in Portland, Maine, Stoney is out with a client on a morning fly fishing expedition when they find the charred remains of a body on a small, uninhabited island A Stoney Calhoun Novel After years of establishing and protecting amnesiac Calhoun's identity as co-owner of a Portland, Maine bait shop, federal agents return to make him an offer he can't refuse.

Calhoun goes undercover at upscale Loon Lake fishing Lodge to investigate the shooting of a federal agent and his companion. A Novel of the Maine Coast Novel of Kennebunkport, Maine, and its summer visitors. Story of a summer visitor at a Maine resort. Coming of age of girl in eastern Maine, guided by her Passamoquoddy Indian grandfather. A Certain Slant of Light Peter MacQueen is living a hermit's life near the coastal Maine village of Black Harbor when he awakens one icy morning to discover a young, fair-skinned woman, eight months pregnant, leaning precariously against a white birch.

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Elaine has fled her husband and is seeking a haven from him, because he -- with the support of his Jehovah's Witness congregation -- has branded her a sinner and threatened to disfellowship her. A Brief Lunacy Starts in rustic Maine, where a retired surgeon and his wife enjoy a comfy seacoast retirement, painting and cooking and drinking wine, etc.

When a lost camper arrives, the scene darkens and pyschological truths are explored. Horror, partly set in Maine. In Maine, , a young woodcutter is lost in a blizzard and seeks refuge in a recluse's isolated cabin. There, a strange-tasting brew turns him into a vampire. Now, in modern-day Houston, his immortality is threatened by a deadly blood disease. Reinventing himself as a hematologist, he races against time to find the cure that will save him. When Austen Pooler's wife walks out on him taking one of their two children with her , he is forced to choose between them and the ancestral farmhouse and potato farm in upstate Maine where he was raised.

He can have his family or his potato farm, but he can't have both. Explores the pulls of marriage on equal partners.

They have never been happier, but neither expects his age to interfere so quickly. With Henry's illness, comes the hired companion, the neurotic ex-wife, and his estranged daughter, who is older than Henry's wife. Fictionalized account of early Aroostook County, beginning with the Aroostook War. Period novel set in northern Maine during the Civil War and the following 25 years.

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Historical fiction and social history with the reproduction of the life of a small community. Set in the woods of Maine, this novel is about bees -- larger than anyone has ever seen before. They swarm and instill fear in everyone entering the woods. Can they be understood and eradicated? Story of colonial Maine during the Revolution based on a family history and using family letters verbatim.

Crime novel with Maine setting. The accidental death of his brother-in-law sends Grijpstra--with his companion de Gier in tow -- to Jamestown, Maine, where they find a town full of suspects and a series of shady real-estate deals. Just a Corpse at Twilight Retired Amsterdam cop Henk Grijpstra gets a frantic call from his old partner, de Geir -- now living on an island near Jameson, Maine -- who thinks he may have killed his girlfriend. Could de Gier possibly be a murderer? Grijpstra travels to Maine to rescue his partner and to confront his own demons as well. Story of the white settlement of the interior of Maine.

Fiction based on historical fact, including the author's own ancestors. It's a mixed bag in the Maine backwater coastal village of Preacher's Lake: A mismatched lesbian couple; a single mother and her biracial daughter; a year-old man in love for the first time; and a fading beauty. Readers may think they've stumbled across a latter-day Eudora Welty. A Plea for the Maine Law One of the Beadle's Dime Novels series, set in Maine. An Antique Print Mystery Maggie visits her old college roommate and close friend at her new home, built in , in Madoc, Maine.

Robin and Ann Garrity are proud owners of the Viroqua, a fictional bed and breakfast inn on the coast of Maine. While Ann struggles to maintain the establishment, Robin acts more like a guest than an owner, a fact that drives Ann first into the arms of neighbor, carpenter and highly competent handyman Charlie Thibodeau, then clear across the country to San Diego, in an effort to escape both Rob and Charlie while starting the process of finding herself again.

Based on a true event. Navy lays siege to Maine town during the Revolutionary War legally, part of Massachusetts then , but effort ends in humiliating disaster. Set in the north woods of Maine, this is a story of greed, devotion, and the struggle over land that belongs to everyone and no one. Greenberg and Frank D. Easton, Charlotte Armstrong, more. Twenty stories of Maine's history, originally appearing in selected publications of long ago, set from to , by authors including Seba Smith, C. Karen, a college anthropology professor in Maine, lives in a house that is haunted by the ghost of Blessing Carmichael, who mourns her beloved Aimee to whom Karen bears a striking resemblence.

Maggi, who has discovered in Karen the one woman she can truly love, discovers she must fight more than Karen's fear of their love. With Etta as her only ally she must do battle with the fury of the New England winter and the menacing power of the supernatural. When reporter Jennifer Stratton spends a weekend at Tintagel Castle as the guest of the widow of the actor Charles Carnavaron, she meets ghosts, murder and suspicious guests. Historical fiction about Maine's Fort Pentagoet. Set in southern Maine, the novel follows the last weeks of lobster fisherman Warren Hudson's life.

Marion Anderson, a young man of middle-class tastes, arrives on the rich Caesar family's private island in order to collaborate musically with Justin Caesar, but discovers that the family has different plans. Author served as Executive Secretary to the Governor of Louisiana.

Taber The Gordon Elopement: The Story of a Short Vacation Story set in Maine with cast of characters that includes the Gordons, attempting to get away; Capt. The Red Herring Murder Settings include Portland, Maine, Hawaii, and the northwest U. Oliver is 35 and living in Maine. When he realizes that he must try to find his father, a Japanese-American whom he's never met, the search leads him to Hawaii and then to the coast of Oregon, where they confront each other. Oliver's life takes sudden turns when he marries, has a child, abruptly divorces, moves to Seattle, comes close to killing himself, and takes up with an old flame.

Thousands of red mystery bugs on puddles in Maine...

Some escaped, some died, but one, the brother of Wolfgang Kallick, seems to have been murdered. Wolfgang arrives in Maine to discover the details of his brother's death. But the investigation may be neither simple, nor safe. Raised on the sea, Smokey is a natural at captaining her own trade vessel. But when it comes to socializing, she lacks the confidence that comes so easily onboard. A very strong first, and I'm looking forward to reading the second. View all 11 comments. Oct 09, Jonathan rated it really liked it Shelves: Wow, I've had this book on my nook for about a year now, and I only just read it.

I must say it was amazing and I am sorry that I hadn't read it before! Filled with wonderful twists and turns, great characters, and a wonderful setting, Clammed Up was a wonderful first book in this series that I hope to continue for awhile to come! The characters were wonderful. The reasons why the MC came back home were predictable but overall the MC was a delightful character.

Book reviews

Her sister, niece, and most of the Wow, I've had this book on my nook for about a year now, and I only just read it. Her sister, niece, and most of the other characters were also well-written. Her mother broke the cozy mold for most mothers. However, her brother-in-law, Sonny, was annoying and overall just a character I disliked.

I hope he'll get better in the next book. The mystery simply blew me out of the water, so to speak. I thought I had it figured out a few pages before the end, but then the killer was revealed and I was shocked. However, it all fit together perfectly and I was surprised I didn't see it before. The ending was okay, but I wasn't happy with what happened with the love interest. However, this was overall a wonderful book. I'll read the next one! Feb 18, Kimberly rated it really liked it Shelves: Can one make clam chowder with lobster?

This started off slow to the point where I was regretting reading this. But each chapter was short and long enough for me to continue reading. I had to warm up to Julia and the tone of the narrative because it came across as flat. But, as usual, once I got into the story and warmed to the characters, things picked up. The killer came out of left field for me because I was so focused on the other characters. Once it was revealed who dunnit, it made sense.

N Can one make clam chowder with lobster? Nice way to throw me off Ms. And what in tar-nation was up with Chris and that ending? I sat on my porch staring at the wall with a scowl on my face thinking, "WTF? Apr 07, Mark Baker rated it really liked it Shelves: Julia has returned to her Maine town to try to save her family's clambake business.

However, when the best man at the wedding they are involved in dies, it might shut the business down for good. I found the first quarter a bit slow, but once the story really got going, it took off and didn't stop until it had reached the end. Along the way, I cam to truly care for these characters. The result was well worth reading. Read my full review at Carstairs Considers. Apr 23, Edith Maxwell rated it really liked it Shelves: Barb Ross' launch of her new Maine Clambake series is spot on. As the cover says, "Murder is a hard shell to crack.

From Gus' diner to the smell of salt air on the island, I knew I was in Maine. Her characters -- from Julia and her family to police officer Jamie and hunky Chris -- intrigued me and made me want to keep hanging out with them even after the story ends. And what an ending! I was genuinely surprised. Highly recommend this book and can't wait Barb Ross' launch of her new Maine Clambake series is spot on. Highly recommend this book and can't wait for the next one. Aug 12, Kirsten rated it really liked it.

One of the best "cozies" I've ever read. In fact, in many ways, it really doesn't qualify for my definition of cozy. It's got far too much heft to it. First of all, it's over pages long. I don't think I've ever read a cozy that big. Second, the characters are so well developed. Third, it's not completely light-hearted. There's a fair degree of angst. That being said, I really enjoyed this book. I highly recommend it not just to fans of cozies but fans of mys One of the best "cozies" I've ever read. I highly recommend it not just to fans of cozies but fans of mysteries too.

May 23, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a fun cozy mystery that left me guessing at who the killer was until the end. Great story, but a little slow at the start. Jun 15, Linda rated it really liked it Shelves: Easy and fun to read first book in the series. I can't wait for my next trip to the Snowden Family Clambake. This was a good mystery with an ending I didn't see coming that was exciting as well.

Jul 21, Ami rated it liked it Shelves: Julia Snowden returns to her Maine hometown to help save the failing family business. Her brother-in-law has had a hard time handling things and now they are behind in their payments, with their family's land and home, as well as the future of their authentic clambake business, on the line.

If they can't make money soon, it's good bye to all of the above. Julia is a business whiz and it takes her no time at all to come up with a sound plan to get the money the family needs to save the clambake. Unfortunately, things don't go her way when, on the clambake's opening day of the season, a dead body is found on the Snowden Clambake property. Julia has no choice but to watch the police come in and close down the clambake while they try to figure out what happened. Everything is on the line and Julia feels the pressure to keep her family afloat.

Time is about to run out for the Snowden family, unless Julia can figure out what happened. So, here's the thing I enjoyed it, and it was fun, but it had it's share of problems as well. It was a pretty balanced book in that aspect, landing it squarely right in the middle for rating it. Or what I like to call "the neutral zone". We'll start with the bad first. Not in the confrontational, aggressive way, but more in the heartless, kinda selfish sort of way. She whines about how her life was jerked out from under her because she had to come take care of the family business, not even considering about how her family has been working their ass off trying to care for the family business while she was off in NYC.

Then she only cares about her flesh and blood family members. Friends who have been with the family for so long they are basically family, Julia just brushes off their feelings about her father's death and the problems with the family clambake. She is also treats her childhood friend like crap, but then expects his help. Not a great friend. Woman has to leave her life behind in a wonderful city and has to move back to her small hometown and help save a failing business, with a few hot guys that may or may not like her thrown in.

It felt similar to other cozy mysteries I've read before. Very out of left field. Normally there are clues along the story to help us, the reader, figure out who did it. There were times when the killer showed signs of being off, but if they were clues to that person being the killer, it was way too subtle.

It just felt odd and out of place. I mean, first of all, DNA. The killer and accomplice didn't sound like they were wearing gloves or wiping down finger prints. Plus, both of those people were interviewed many, many times. I find it hard to believe that the killer didn't show signs of being crackers when under the pressure of being interviewed so much. Aaaand now the good Pros -Clammed Up had a handful of cons, but, I actually found it entertaining. While the story was very formulaic, I had a fun time watching what happened next and watching all the puzzle pieces fit together.

She realized that she did things wrong and actually apologized to people for her mistakes. She also realized that she had ignored other peoples feelings. That is pretty important because in a lot of stories, especially the cozy genre, you have a character who does stupid stuff and never realizes how stupid they acted and never apologizes for being a jackass. She also realized that she is not good at friendships and that she really didn't have any friends though, she never did apologize to her childhood friend for being craptastic to him.

It definitely kept me guessing all the way to the end of the story. You get a nice view of small town Maine coastal life. You get to hear all about their wonderful food as well! In the end of the book you get a couple of very yummy looking Maine recipes. The cons are strong in this one, but that doesn't mean it can't still be a little bit fun. Maybe it was because it was the start of a series? I wouldn't say no to reading the next book in the series to see if it holds up a little bit better or not. Clammed Up is not a perfect book, but it didn't totally make me want to beat my head against the wall either.

So read it, knowing that it's not going to be the most air-tight plot ever and you should be ok. Welcome to the Snowden Family Clambake Company. It is located in Busman, Maine. Julia Snowden has returned home to Busman to help save the company which is in financial trouble. This could mean that it would go out of business. Julia has taken a leave of absence from her New York job to sort things out.

The Snowden Family owns Morrow Island on which the family mansion although in disrepair is located. This is where the clam bakes are held in season. The business charters guest out to the Island daily. Julie has repaired several rooms in the family mansion to use for guest especially in a wedding party to change. On this first season charter, a wedding party arrives at the Island minus a missing best man. The groom stays in Busman to look for him while the rest of the party goes on the boat. Julia goes to open up the family mansion. There she discovers the best man hanging from the grand staircase in the mansion.

Now everyone must return to the boat until the police arrive and everyone is questioned. This shuts the family business down but for how long? How will this effect their bottom line?? Julia needs to start investigation to get back in business and clear a person, she knows is innocent.

Come along with the feisty Julia who is supported by well written, vivid, colorful and quirky secondary characters. A fast paced plot with many suspects and plenty of twists and turns plus mouthwatering fresh seafood.