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No one knew Ted was in love with his partner, not even his partner. Jerome and sexy, straight Scott.

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Ted refuses to become involved with a straight man, much less a werewolf, terrified to risk his heart again. Especially if it he has to watch Scott fight to the death for his right to claim Ted as his mate. Scott has a crazy mama who fancies herself a witch. She puts together some voodoo to try to find Scott a mate. Works can belong to more than one series.

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Series was designed to cover groups of books generally understood as such see Wikipedia: Like many concepts in the book world, "series" is a somewhat fluid and contested notion. A good rule of thumb is that series have a conventional name and are intentional creations , on the part of the author or publisher. Or more about Darcy and Peter? Jul 21, Brett rated it really liked it Shelves: I know that sounds like a pretty broad statement.

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On the surface, you might be able to say that about this story too; man meets werewolf, they find out their mates, have to fight the urge, pack doesn't approve, etc. The difference here is in the execution. Scott the werewolf alpha is truly straight, with no "secret desires" or leanings toward homosexuality. He is baffled by what he sees as an unnaturally strong reaction to this man who shows up in his town one day, and is constantly trying to understand it, fight it, suppress it.

I found his struggle to be very realistic, both with what a man with unexpected attraction would experience and the internal struggle with what he thinks he should be and do and what his instincts tell him to do. He seems torn in a million different directions, as wolf, as alpha, as man, as straight, as newly mated, as a son, as a sheriff, as a leader Ted is a little easier to figure out; he's been burned before, falling in love with a straight man, and he avoids any sort of similar entanglement again. His struggle is more with his past, and trying to convince himself that his strong attraction to the shapeshifting sheriff is just physical.

I do have a little niggle about his acceptance of Scott as a werewolf; he professes he doesn't believe in supernatural stuff, but he's swayed pretty quickly to Scott's story Now to the niggles. The last 50 or so pages felt different, almost speeding up in pace enough to be noticeable.

Series: Rougaroux Social Club

They felt slightly less polished, and made me wonder if the author couldn't have expanded the story a little bit, progressing through those last stages a little more slowly. This is most noticeable in his last conversation with her; she appears out of nowhere, and magically has the solution to Ted's current problem. It was a little too deus ex machina for me.

I also thought that the shifter aspect was under-utilized at times.

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Scott only shifts about 3 times in the whole story, and the first time is at least halfway through. I did, however, like the setup for the next story if there will be one. It was sort of subtle, but also very believable in the context of the character involved. Overall, I thought this was well put together, the characters were mostly fun and engaging, and it kept me involved throughout which is sometimes hard. If there was the ability to give half-stars, I would probably give this 4. Apr 16, Hannah rated it it was ok Shelves: I downloaded Bayou Dreams because the premise intrigued me.

It is about a straight werewolf alpha who finds out that his fated mate is actually a gay man. Instead of succumbing to his fate, as any self-respecting paranormal hero is supposed to do, he decides to break the spell that has "fated" him to spend the rest of his life with a dude. Because he totally doesn't swing that way. Except for when he's in the presence of his fated mate, of course. Because fate is kinky like that. This could have I downloaded Bayou Dreams because the premise intrigued me. This could have been a really entertaining book.

I think it would have worked well if the author had embraced the absurdity of her plot and turned it into a comedy: Unfortunately, she went for angst. It just didn't work, especially since this book featured the least intimidating werewolves I've ever met. I used to think the Naked Werewolf pack was cuddly, but those wolves could kick the Rougaroux Social Club's collective ass yes, that's really what the pack is called. And Scott had to be the weakest, most whiny alpha in the history of werewolf lore.

I actually felt sorry for Ted for being bonded for life to that loser, even though I wasn't too impressed with him either. In fact, I didn't connect to any of the characters in this book. So anyway, I didn't really enjoy this book. Some of the story elements might have had potential if they had been in a different novel, but they couldn't save this one from the uneven writing, disjointed plot, or uninspiring characters. Mar 19, Plainbrownwrapper rated it liked it Shelves: I generally stay away from "standard" shifter stories -- I especially can't stand the "shifter-fated-insta-mate" trope -- but this book fit a challenge and I was curious about it, so I gave it a try.

It's not bad, really. It does have the insta-mate stuff That said, I didn't think there was anything especially outstanding here. And, of course, we had to have the Evil Cardboard Homophobic Villain, just to give the wolf an excuse to fight somebody. Despite the problems, though, I've read much worse shifter stories. The prose wasn't bad, and it was entertaining in a mindless way.

Not a bad way to spend an hour or two. Jun 18, Marie rated it it was amazing. I love that Ted is just as strong as Scott in his own way, both physically and emotionally, and not just a female substitute. I also admire the author's use of secondary characters to advance the plot and add depth to the leads, but not distract from the main pair. Maman was a hoot! So, I will be eagerly awaiting more from this series.

May 14, Diane Adams rated it it was amazing. I have no idea why I want to like shifter books so much. I do and I keep reading them only to be disappointed time after time. I haven't read one that met my expectations, that fulfilled that undefinable something I wanted to find but never have.

Bayou Dreams by Lynn Lorenz is hands down the best shifter book I've ever read. The writing drew me into the story immediately and the pacing kept my attention completely. The heat between the MCs is scorching. I had my doubts about the idea I have no idea why I want to like shifter books so much. I had my doubts about the idea of "straight guy with a gay wolf", so much so I nearly didn't purchase it.

Rest assured that subject is handled as brilliantly as the rest of the book. I don't like to spoil in my reviews so I'll stop now.

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If you like shifters read this book. You won't be sorry. Sep 17, Monika rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the second time I've read this book, I did it so the story was fresh in my mind when I read the second one.

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I wish it was longer I didn't want it to end. This story made me smile and that's always a good thing. May 11, Lasha rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Normally werewolves mate by age 30, but Scott at 35 is a tad behind everyone else which is utterly frustrating for his mother.

You see, she wants grandkids. Lovable, interfering woman she is, she casts a love spell to bring Scott his mateā€¦and fate does only in the form of one gorgeous gay ex-cop from New Orleans. His pack would never accept a gay pack leader. Ted, on the other hand, had been down this road before falling for the straight guy, and he too has no desire to have his heart broken again, so he tells Scott to get lost. Will these two confused men ever figure it out?

First, I really liked the premise of Bayou Dreams. This unique take on the Gay-For-You trope worked in this instance. Second, the secondary characters were hilarious. When Scott explains her spell brought him a mate, but not a female one, her reaction: Dupree as a mother-in-law, except for the whole dead cat thing.

Third, the sexual chemistry between Ted and Scott was extremely spicy. Plus with as many times as Scott and Ted two make-out, jerk each other off, and in one instance oral sex happens, you think the two men would figure out they were meant to be together long before the end of the book. This occurs early on in the book while Ted and Scott are still fighting their attraction to one another. Overall, Bayou Dreams is a distinctive take on the werewolf genre, weaving complex and compelling characters together with ease.

I eagerly await the next installment so I can see who else in the wolf pack finds his mate. Mar 08, Lila Hunter rated it really liked it Shelves: No marriage equality, yet, for them, but still possible down the road. Aug 13, Christy rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is the second shifter story by Lynn Lorenz I have read, and if they all continue to be as good, then she's a new favorite author of mine.

This story interested me because its Scott's wolf that is gay, not Scott, and that is a concept I have not seen before. I always love an author's world building when it's just a little bit different from what is already out there.

I also love bayou country having spent time there when I was younger, so reading about one of my favorite areas was also quite This is the second shifter story by Lynn Lorenz I have read, and if they all continue to be as good, then she's a new favorite author of mine. I also love bayou country having spent time there when I was younger, so reading about one of my favorite areas was also quite the draw. Scott is alpha of his small werewolf pack and the local sheriff.

Their pack pretty much holds the majority of sheriff deputies, firefighters, and EMS positions in their small county which enables them to stay under the radar of the local humans.

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Scott is also thirty-five which is a little old to still be unmated. Apparently you either mate, or eventually you go crazy and you die. For the last few months his mother has gone out into the swamp and performed a "ritual" don't call it a spell, cause she's a good Catholic , in hopes of bringing Scott's mate to him as she wants her son married and giving her grandchildren.

Scott is pretty sure there isn't a mate for him and frankly, he's okay with that, as he's not sure he wants a mate, much less children.

Rougaroux Social Club Series

Ted is a private investigator in New Orleans, but he was a cop there until two years ago, when his life fell apart. His partner was killed in a convenience store robbery and the rest of the police force blamed Ted and his "faggot" self. Unbeknownst to them, and Ted at the time, his partner was in the store to pick up his weekly protection money payment. Ted covered for his partner so his wife and kids would be taken care of and Ted left the force.

Ted is out and proud, and although he doesn't do relationships, the last few months he's had the strangest dreams and his, let's just call it, libido has been raging out of control. Now he's on his way out to the bayou to keep an eye on his client's wayward wife, not knowing that this trip will change his life forever. First off, I totally loved the scene where they see each other and meet for the first time. This is what I meant, though, about this world being a little bit different. Scott cannot have a guy for a mate.