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As the result of compensation for this condition he developed increased curvature in his lumbar spine.

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I worked with this horse once a month over a period of time and as he released his long term patterns of holding in his body, the curvature dissipated until it became normal. In addition to the physical body, healing addresses the mind and spirit of the horse. The attitude and disposition of horses always improve as a result.

Horses that heal: how equine therapy is helping people find peace of mind

Sometimes a problematic behavior becomes the main focus of a healing and after the session marked, positive changes occur. A client purchased a new pony that kicked out whenever the owner touched either of her hind legs. During the healing session it became apparent that the pony mare experienced real life threatening fear in response to having her hind legs handled that needed to be honored and released.

Afterward the owner was able to pick up and pick out the mares hooves without any fear response. During a healing session the mare literally walked away, refusing to participate. I followed her out of the barn and then spoke to her lovingly and explicitly; I encouraged her to take responsibility for her old pattern of mistrusting humans. I helped her to make a distinction between her present situation and past experience. As a result the mare chose to appreciate her caregiver and to put an effort into her half of the relationship.

Everything shifted for the two of them and they began a positive partnership that continues to this day. Energy healing clears and balances the energetic and physical bodies. The increase in the flow of energy as a result of healing sometimes creates detoxification symptoms. Most notably, from my experience, this happens with Standardbred horses that have had a history on the track.

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  7. I had a case where an off the track horse was put on an herbal mix to by his owner to assist him with detoxification. The horse had had open sores all over all four legs for several weeks. Even though the herbs were stimulating his body to detoxify his level of vitality was too low for his organs and body to eliminate them efficiently and completely, as a result they were coming through his skin. The program director, Carol Caddes, is a horse lover and licensed marriage and family therapist with over 20 years of experience. Sarah, for her part, had very little experience with horses and had never undergone any form of emotional treatment outside of medication and traditional office-based talk-therapy.

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    She established an immediate connection with Madonna, a year-old mare trained by champion cowgirl Carol Rose in Texas. It is common for people to feel intimidated by the sheer size and power of horses —weighing up to 2,lb, horses can become metaphors for dealing with intimidating life circumstances. As Sarah developed more confidence, she assumed more control within the herd by leading Madonna from behind without the use of ropes or a whip — an instinctual method used by horses to push and lead each other.

    I had no expectations … I made eye contact with Madonna and I felt immediately connected to her. Therapy is administered out of the saddle, and the horses are at liberty to respond as they wish. Caddes works within a physiological therapy model, always watching eye dilation, heart rate, body language and gestures.

    At the beginning of the second therapy session, Sarah found the horses far less intimidating. Caddes directed Sarah to select a prop and make it symbolic of an aspect of her life. Sarah unravelled a small colorful parachute that signified her confidence in school. Instead, a nine-year-old pinto mix named Chips wandered over and began investigating the parachute.

    With a flick of the head and a stomp of her hoof, the wild pony unexpectedly bolted to the other end of the arena in a nostril-flared panic, leaving Sarah marooned on her fabric island in the middle of the wide arena. Pranic Healing is respectful of all religions and philosophies. Skip to main content. Back to Search Results. Tags communication energy healing illness disease injury.

    Horses Recover More Quickly from Illness, Surgery and Lameness

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