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We are told here that the two clever thieves sold all the fine silk, gold, and satin in the marketplace. The minister's motivation is clear: One of the clever flip-ups presents the weavers' candles the night before the big procession. Turn down the flap, and the candles have run down very low, and the clock has changed.

One poignant flip-up shows the naked emperor in a mirror. Flip up the flap and we see him in a regal gown.

Stone Soup

Another great flap includes both the naked emperor and a child pointing at his nakedness. In this version, the children "could bear it no longer and they all burst out laughing. Here the flap does not reveal fine clothes but an embarrassed emperor. This emperor scurries back to the palace embarrassed.

Flip-Up Fairy Tales

The minister wisely urges him to "care for your people and they will respect you, whatever has happened today. Illustrated by Jess Stockham. Flip Up Fairy Tales: The special character of this series lies in its flaps, which one can lift to find a little revelation. Sometimes these show characters behind windows or doors. Other times they show the next action of a character.

My prize among them goes to one villager's purse, which turns out to have only a moth inside. The characters in this version are all animals.

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A band of them shows up in a wagon at a village that seems deserted. As they pitch camp, they are urged to go away, since this village has, after a hard winter, no food. The leader of the band, a dog, then offers to make stone soup.

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We see the parsley hidden under a bed when we lift one of the flaps. A key turning point in this version comes when the villagers all put their wood together. Then they have enough.

Child’s Play Flip-Up Fairy Tales - Stone Soup Review

The dog brings out the stone, previously well wrapped. Soon everybody in the village contributes something, down to one last holdout, who finally yields a large onion. The delicious feast has the village, as we lift up a flap, playing their instruments and dancing. The next day as they break camp, the travelers present the village with the stone, which, they say, works only if they all cook together.

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  • As they get a good distance away from that village, the band's wagon stops and the dog picks up an ordinary stone from the roadside. This sturdy, well-made page pamphlet again has a very good time with this traditional story, as is true of the other two fable pamphlets in this series.

    This one adds a CD. The lift-up flaps here are again well planned and executed. Search the site Search term is required. Home Books S Stone Soup. Jess Stockham Jess Stockham was born in in Luton and lived in a village in Hertfordshire until she was Your review has been submitted successfully, thank you. There was an error submitting review.

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